Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Shai and Andrew Workshop

The workshop consisted of two days and was a way of helping you produce a story through a piece of work. The aim was to be given a few short sentences, made up by a folding paper technique.
I received-

 Daisy, just killed herself for fun,
was drinking hot black coffee,
Likes to swim in lakes.

These few sentences then created the base for my product and my story.
My product was a tablet of coffee shaped like a Daisy, and my story
 was transformed into a fairy tale.

 Princess Daisy who had killed herself in the lake, was very much in love, the lake was more than just her deathbed it was her romantic place she shared with him.
Her Knight, her prince, in shining armor found her, and was completely devastated.
 All hope was not lost. as the Prince searched high and low for someway of being with her again. He came across a wicked witch who swapped her knowledge with some fine jewels he offered her.
She shared a potion of love over death, a recipe he had to follow;

A recipe taken from an old witch
2 cups of mud straight from the ditch
Collect a spider from its web
Shining brightly by the waters ebb
Dark coffee daisy shapes that look like pies
To ensure you see you lovers eyes
Too quick stirs
And a blown kiss
Once mixed with the lake she will awake ...

 The prince did as the witch said and mixed the daisy shaped coffee bean she gave him, with the elements of the lake surrounding him.

He pressed the potion against daisys cold lips,
and soon enough the witchs word came true.

Daisy awoke in the arms of her love.

My work was laid out on a stand and exhibited at Camberwell Collage of Arts Wilson Road.
x Stacey x

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